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What is a muscle strain?

Often when we feel pain in the muscles it’s due to a strain type injury. Clients are always surprised at how much a strain can impact on their normal daily activities and how long this type of injury can take to heal.

So what is a strain and what causes them? Strains are caused when a muscle or tendon gets overstretched or the fibres get torn. It can cause the muscle to go into spasm, which creates pain and restriction of movement.

Sometimes this is caused by an activity such as lifting an object awkwardly or over exerting ourselves in sports or exercise. You could also cause a muscle strain by sitting in a poor position for long periods of time like at your work computer, putting excessive stretch on a particular muscle or group of muscles.

How to treat a muscle strain:

Often with rest and time these strains will repair, but to help get better as quickly as possible there are some things we need to consider. Firstly try to rest from the activity that caused the problem initially. In the first few days of recovery you can use an ice pack which helps to reduce inflammation. Also the use of anti-inflammatory pain killers can be useful to calm any inflammation and reduce pain. After the first 48hours, the use of heat can help to encourage blood flow to the area which brings the necessary nutrients to the tissue so it can repair.
As well as taking the above actions, massage is also a very useful way to help speed up your recovery as it also encourages blood to the injured muscle and can calm down any muscle spasm. If the strain is in the tendonous part of the muscle, then it will take longer to heal due to there being less blood supply in the tendons.

Preventative Care:

If most people were to have an hour’s deep tissue massage once every month, they would reduce their chances of muscle strains and spasms by a considerable amount. One of the major benefits of receiving a regular massage is that it will keep your muscles healthy and resilient. Regular massage flushes toxins out and away from the muscles, and encourages fresh blood into the muscle tissue, keeping it healthy and repairing any tiny tissue tears before they become a painful strain or even a chronic problem. Massage keeps muscles flexible and elasticated so they can take the stress we place on them with more resilience.

Often people tell themselves that this is an expensive luxury, but £40 once a month works out to be £10 a week or less than £1.50 a day. This is really not a lot to pay to keep your body healthy and resilient to the stresses you place on them every day. Why leave it until it breaks down? Book your session now and see for yourself how much it can improve the quality of your life.